The calibration software

AutoCal+ makes calibration management easier.

Benefits of AutoCal+

We make calibration management easier.

Low monthly costs

AutoCal+ is a cost-effective solution. The calibration software is available from €39.50 per month.

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Multiple users

Multiple users can work with AutoCal+ at the same time. All your colleagues have direct access to the most recent data.

Flexible licensing

AutoCal+ is the calibration software that fits your needs. If your needs change over time, then simply add users or instruments or adjust your subscription.

Cloud based

AutoCal+ is cloud-based. This means that the software is always up-to-date and your data is  safely backed-up. You can log in anywhere and anytime.

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How it works

Calibrations have never been easier

Explore AutoCal+ in 3 easy steps.

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Step 1: Register the instruments

The first step is to register your account, after that you can create your calibration and reference instruments in AutoCal+. The wizard will guide you through all the steps that are required to configure an instrument. You can also  use the import template or upload an Excel file for importing your instruments. As soon as you have registered the reference and calibration instruments which are saved in your database.

Step 2: Perform the calibration

The next step is to prepare a calibration by configuring the calibration parameters and selecting the reference instruments you'd like to use. Now you can perform your calibration routine. During the calibration, AutoCal+ will provide insights into the progress of your calibration. After the calibration has finished, the calibration results can be found on the calibrations overview page. These routines can be saved & can be re-used for future and similar instruments.

Mockup of the AutoCal+ dashboard
Mockup of the AutoCal+ software

Step 3: Manage reports & functionalities

As soon as the calibration has finished, the results can be reviewed in AutoCal+ and can be generated into a calibration certificate (pdf). These certificate templates can be customized according to your own needs. If required, AutoCal+ has supervisor functionality to approve the calibration results. AutoCal+ gives reminders once a recalibration is needed for all your instruments.


AutoCal+ is
brand independent

With AutoCal+ you can connect to different instruments from different brands.

Discover more benefits

One system for all your calibrations

Save time

With AutoCal+ you don’t lose time performing manual calculations or correcting errors. All calibration data is ready to present for an audit. Some calibrations can even be fully automated.

Improve quality

AutoCal+ supports you throughout the calibration process. The built-in wizards will guide you through a series of steps that you may want to consider while running a calibration.

Central source of information

AutoCal+ allows you to easily manage all your instruments and procedures. The calibration results are saved and easy to find. You will receive a warning when it’s time for recalibration.

Multiple users

With AutoCal+ different roles can be assigned to each user. In this way you can easily coordinate the activities while maintaining a clear overview.

Quantities and units

AutoCal+ supports most quantities and units

Show quantities and units overview

Optimize your calibration process with AutoCal+. Read more about it in our brochure.

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