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Frequently asked questions

What calibrations can be executed?

Calibrations are possible for almost all instruments. More than 30 quantities and 150 units are supported.

I’m an existing AutoCal user, can I take/import my existing data?

Yes. Data can be imported when changing from AutoCal for Windows to AutoCal+. We will help you to import this data. We only need an access version (.MDB) of the database.

Do I comply to the ISO17025 standard with this software?

No. The ISO17025 standard is much broader than calibration software alone. Aspects such as procedures, qualification, and risk management will have to be arranged outside of the software. However, AutoCal+ is an excellent tool to ensure that your calibration management is aligned with the ISO17025 standard. All calculations and methodologies are in accordance with ISO17025 and NIST regulations. The Tradinco Calibration Lab (Internationally accredited - RvA K050) also uses AutoCal+ itself to perform calibrations.

Is my reference standard supported?

There is a library with reference standards and process instruments built into AutoCal+ which makes creating a calibration procedure very easy. If your instrument is not listed here, it is always possible to add the device manually.  The reference standards mentioned in the library can communicate with AutoCal+.

Do I always need internet?

AutoCal+ works in the cloud, so communication between the computer/laptop and the server is constantly needed. If the internet connection drops out for a while then this is no problem. When the connection is restored, AutoCal+ continues where it left off, even in the case of a calibration.

Can I work with several people at the same time? And at different locations?

Yes. Multiple users can work in the same system with the same data. This allows you to have access to all information on a different computer or at different locations.

Is my data being backed up?

Yes. We take care of the backup of all data. All data is systematically backed up and stored for a longer period of time.

Is my data safe?

We think data security is extremely important. Therefore, all security aspects such as authentication and encryption have been taking into account from the start while developing AutoCal+. Your data is completely separated from other data and is stored in the Google data center in Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

Do I have to install software on a computer?

It is only necessary to install an application on a workstations where calibration are executed. Installation is possible through the web browser. AutoCal+ automatically detects whether the application has been installed correctly. For viewing data and generating reports, the installation of software is not necessary.

Which instruments can I use to perform a field calibration?

A field calibrator is an instrument in which calibration procedures can be stored. The results can be stored in the internal memory of the instrument. AutoCal+ supports the Druck DPI 620 multi-function calibrator.

How do you perform a field calibration with AutoCal+?

AutoCal+ defines a calibration to determine what the procedure will look like. One or more prepared calibrations can be uploaded to the field calibrator with an USB. The calibrations are now available in the field calibrator and can be performed sequentially. Once the calibrations have been completed, the results can be returned to AutoCal+ with an USB. In AutoCal+, the results become visible and a PDF certificate can be created.

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