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AutoCal+ API link

Want to make the calibration management process even more efficient and less error prone? Then make use of the API link from AutoCal+. In this news item you can read all about it.

Calibration software

Want to make the calibration management process even more efficient and less error prone? Then make use of the API link from AutoCal+. The API makes it possible to link your software to AutoCal+. This allows them to communicate directly with each other. Think for example of linking AutoCal+ with software systems like SAP, Exact or Microsoft Dynamics 365. With this API link, various information and calibration data can be exchanged between the two systems and recurring calibration processes can be automated. 

API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. This is a piece of software that allows different (software) systems to exchange data with each other.

Through the API link, information from instruments and calibrations can be retrieved from AutoCal+ to be used in external software. An example of this is that after performing a calibration, the data from AutoCal+ is automatically exchanged with the external software. This information exchange through an API link can also apply the other way around. An example of this is transferring instruments from a production system to AutoCal+ so they can be calibrated there. All already known information of an instrument can then be entered so that a calibration technician does not have to do this manually. By exchanging information and calibration data between AutoCal+ and the software system, a lot of manual input is avoided. Think of information such as the (re)calibration date, the calibration result and the certificate in PDF format. This makes the calibration management process more efficient and less error prone.

Benefits of an API link

With the API link of AutoCal+ you save time and money. During the calibration management process, you replace a manual operation, which recurs with some regularity, with an automatic process that you no longer have to worry about. An API interface can make calibration management processes more fluid and less error-prone than manually entering data from one system into another. With an API interface, these manual actions and transcription errors are a thing of the past! The link between AutoCal+ and the external software ensures that the calibration data in AutoCal+ and the software are identical and synchronized with each other, increasing the quality and accuracy of your calibration data. Also, double entry of calibration data, often causing frustration and errors, is avoided in this way. In short, the AutoCal+ API link makes the calibration management process easier, faster and cheaper.

Customer-specific API link

The API link of AutoCal+ is custom made. Each organization has different wishes, needs and expectations about which calibration data should be exchanged. In principle, any kind of calibration data and information is available through the API interface of AutoCal+. It is important to first think carefully about what data you want to exchange and which data is leading, but also when and how often the data needs to be synchronized. We are happy to help you set up and develop this customer-specific AutoCal+ API link. Together we will look at what information you want to exchange through the API link. This way you can be sure of a good exchange between AutoCal+ and the external software!

Want to know more about the AutoCal+ API interface? Then get in touch with us! Feel free to call us for additional information about our API interface at +31 79 203 31 33 or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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